Cremation Urns

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Traditional Brass Urns
Classic Brass Including Crimson
Alloy - Earth Stone - Ceramic

Alloy - Earth Stone - Ceramic

9510 ( S, P, XS) - Tera Pagoda

    The Pagoda urns come in sizes of 70, 40, and 25 cubic inches. The urns are made of cast alloy and are available in three finishes: Terra, Moss, and Onyx. The lids are finished in a glossy paint that matches the matte-coated surface of the urn. Another detail that adds a nice contrast look is the trim located just below the lid.

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9511 (S, P, XS) - Moss Pagoda


9512 (S, P, XS) - Onyx Pagoda

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9600 (XS, S, P) - Earthstone Violet

    Earthstone urns are made from soap stone which is quarried just like marble and granite. Each urn is meticulously crafted and carefully polished to bring out the natural beauty of the stone. these urns are water resistant and each piece has its own unique color shade and pattern. The urns are secured closed with a threaded brass ring and are available in two varied shades of violet and terra.


9601 (XS, S, P) - Earthstone Terra

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C458 (XS, X, P,) - Little Feet Ocean Breeze

    Ceramic is one of the most enduring indicators of culture. The art technique used to create this line of urns is a high heat process called reactive glaze. This process is hundreds of years old.
    Since glazes react differently during the heat process, the coloring will be very similar; however, each urn will take on its own unique characteristics. For this reason , as well as the artistic nature, ceramic remains a popular material choice for many families who are looking for a beautiful and artistic option.
    The Little Feet Urn Series is available in two distinct glazed finishes; Ocean Breeze and Autumn Mist. Each urn comes prepackaged with a plastic bag, twist tie and glue.
    The urns come in three sizes 70, 40 and 25 cubic inches.


C459 (XS, S, P,) - Little Feet Autumn Mist


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